Translation and Transcreation



Translation and Transcreation

Translation is more than just knowing different languages. It’s conveying a message, portraying a culture and tone without forgetting the importance of making the audience feel as though they are reading a text written in their own native language.

On top of translating, I also do what today is known as “transcreation.” It is a process of translating and simultaneously creating a new text based on the original concepts, mainly for use in advertising contexts.

I like to compare translation to craftsmanship. What I deliver in each of my projects is a work that has been carefully sculpted from the first word to the last.

I work from English, French, and Catalan into Spanish for Spain, my native tongue.

My fields of specialization in translation include advertising texts, ad copy, copywriting, slogans, mobile apps, general marketing, toy manuals, recipe books, and literature for all ages.